Tracklist/Description: Tracklist: 1) Naux_Rose', Terrasse & BB Drive_Lisztomania 2) Igor Gonya_Mess in the head_DOBRO vinyl 3) Austin Ato_Sylvia 4) VIGI_Hangin on_Inhale Exhale tape out 2021 5) Tete de la course_Who flames me_Inhale Exhale 6) Roland Nights_Shake the walls_PIV 7) Blue Chords_Nefertiti_House Salad music 8) Gus Arancibia_Jazz tool 9) Rawdio_Friends_Being all here 10)Boulevard of deep_Last saturday night GLBDOM 11)Jus Tadi_Game of life_Delve Deeper 12)Mateo Makams_Silly laughter_Ship City Grooves
16 November 2020
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