Tracklist/Description: Ahead of their Strange Days album launch on V Recordings, Paul T & Edward Oberon have made us this exclusive, upfront Drum & Bass mix. "We really enjoyed crafting this mix for Minirigs. We love to walk the line between classic and the fresh flavours of modern drum and bass. This is what fuels the fire of our live performances - Full of energy and good vibes to keep you moving all night. Thank you Minirigs for this collaboration! Enjoy <3," Paul T & Edward Oberon Tracklisting All My Love - Boosta & Atmos T Featuring Nicole Autumn - Dj Die - Commix Remix Cyber Funkin - Serum & Voltage The Shadows VIP - Kanine Choose One - Serum Refix Jazz Tickles - Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket Darkage - Aries & Fleck Remix The Hitman - Marvelous Caine - Bladerunner Refix Silly VIP - Dj Marky Savage Brutas - Random Movement 92 Talk - Teej Where Do We Go - Paul T & Edward Oberon Stack - Dunk & Sl8r Blame Game - Paul T & Edward Oberon Featuring 2Shy MC Dance like - Disrupta & Magneta Soul Music - Paul T & Edward Oberon Featuring Cleveland Watkiss Driftin - Zoro Somewhere Else - Paul T & Edward Oberon Tokyo - Hexa Radar Jammer - Hexa Hammer - L Side, Selecta J Man, Kelvin 373 Featuring Jakes Your Time’s Up - Rusko Obsession - BRK & Bacon - L Side Remix Dark Stranger - J D Cruz - Serum Refix Truss - Unkoded Only Rookies Make The Same Mistake Twice - Hexa Dusk - Gray Strange Days -Paul T & Edward Oberon Featuring Serum 8 Bit - Serum & Voltage - Taxman Remix Pleasure & Passion - Paul T & Edward Oberon Featuring Sherona Knight
09 November 2021
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