Dj Swift aka b-ART - JAM09 (January 2009)

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1. Inner City- Good Life
2. Uneaq- This Is Jazz
3. DJ Sneak- Let’s Camel
4. KB Swing- Some Like It Hot
5. Swell Session- No No vs Mr. Scruff
6. The Littlemen- Ghetto Girl
7. Edmund- Walk To The Show
8. Domspiral- Don’t Mean Nothin
9. DJ Sneak- Sticky Shiet
10. DJ Bang- The B.E.A.T.
11. Dirty Sole- Back In The Day
12. Derrick Carter- Square Dancin In A Rond House
13. Blakkat- The Rite Places
14. Andy- Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge vs. Bad Habits
13 January 2009