Frankie J (The Sound Republic) live on The Fringe (28-Dec-2008)
128kbps, 101min

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Lamanex - Good Coq Bad Coq [CDR]
Biboulakis - Dear New York [CDR]
Frankie J - Shuck 'n' Jive [Spatula City]
DJ Bang - The Beat [Perspex]
Scrubfish & Laurence - People Like We [Guesthouse]
Organized Crime - Its Yours [CDR]
Head Nodding Society - Nudge Up [Paper]
Ken ECB - I Heart Bougie (Toka Project) [Amenti]
Vernon & Dacosta - On Fire [A Second Smell]
Bobby & Klein - Go [Lingo]
The Candy Dealers - Stepping Out (Frankie J) [Spatula City]
Lawnchair Generals - Diggin' It Out [Lawnchair Generals]
Anhanguera - Funky Miracle [Guesthouse]
Dirty Deep Peeps - Funky Good Times (Rescue) [Bump Shop]
Scrubfish & Laurence - The Freshest Kid [Guesthouse]
Mike Dixon - House of Mouths (Brian Heath) [Classic]
3rd Face - Canto Della Liberta (KiNK) [Classic]
Donk Boys - Hoppetoss [Floppy Funk]
Formidable Force - Can You Feel It (KiNK) [Eight-Tracks]
The Bulgarian - This Is How (KiNK) [CDR]
Induceve - On You [Classic]
Samim - Heater [Get Physical]
06 January 2009