Top 10 DJ Mixes of 2012
2012 is almost behind us and 2013 is here in a very few days so it's right time to make short recap of best 10 DJ mixes of 2012 - DJ sets that have remained in my memory more than others. I have posted more than 750 mixes from the beginning of 2012, mostly posted in dnb and deep house.
It is almost impossible to pick only 10 best mixes out of so many quality stuff but here it is, a list of Top 10 DJ sets of 2012:

1.) Skream vs Disclosure - Boiler Room DJ Set (14-Nov-2012) - definitely the most successful set of this year on doddiblog in terms of pageviews. Those of you who have somehow missed it - it's a must see (and listen of course)! It has more than 220.000 views on youtube and still counting.
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2.) Tom Middleton live @ Nuestra Casa Boat Party, London (16-Jun-2012) - my probably most played mix this year. Top class mix played by one of the biggest electronic music legend. If deep house is your cup of tea don't forget to check out also his Deep Bass House DJ Mix.
3.) Pulsaar - Kmag Guest Mix (16-Apr-2012) - intelligent drum and bass presented by Pulsaar from Switzerland, one of the best dnb mix of 2012.
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4.) Rowpieces - Submission DJ Mix (March 2012) - together with Pulsaar the most interesting newcomers of intelligent atmospheric dnb. Great mix from start to finish.
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5.) Vincenzo live @ Push, Volar, Hong Kong (27-Jul-2012) - fixed star on doddiblog, I post his sets from the beginning of my blog - there are more than of 20 Vincenzo's mixes on doddiblog.
6.) Tornado Wallace & Francis Inferno Orchestra - Pulse Radio Podcast 104 (10-Dec-2012) - it really have to be a special mix when two of the best Australian deep house producers team up together.
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7.) Shifter - SweetCup @ NuSpirit Bar (27-Feb-2012) - excellent deep house mix by Slovakian DJ Shifter which were posted as part of his four mixes which are all of high quality (it's the very first DJ set listed on the page).
8.) Dairmount & Nowakowski - Room With A View's Monthly Show (October 2012) - both are perfect deep house mixes. Dairmount delivers nice showcase of Room With A View label.
9.) Deetron - Essential Mix (17-Nov-2012) - probably the best BBC Radio Essential mix of 2012 together with Dusky's mix.
10.) Alexus - Soulful D&B Podcast (July 2012) - it's always a pleasure to listen to mellow dnb mixes by Alexus.

And that's it! The list could go on and on because there were tons of great mixes this year. Hopefully 2013 will be almost as good for new mixes as this year was.
Do you have your favourite mixes of 2012? Then feel free to leave your picks in comment section.
Special thanks goes to all DJs and producers those DJ sets or tracks appears on doddiblog.
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