some fave classics mixed on two technics 1200s, one DJ mixer, no effects, no sync, hell there's even a skip in the record later on the mix - you can hear compensate with a nifty finger spin to get the two records back in time. Och, it's much more fun to listen to than some synced-up looped dirge from a computer. Hee hee!
Oh and this time...I did the tracklisting...YOU'RE WELCOME!

Forces Of Nature “Interlude”
Trouble Man “Lullaby”
Brother Of Soul “Eyes Of Love”
Schmoov “Monkey Nut”
The Absolute Family “Snakey Way”
Fresh Tunes 2 “W.U.”
George T. “Thirsty Groove”
Soulphiction “Lone Sun”
James Howard “We Can Do It (Wake Up)”
DJ Pierre “Fall”
Mr. G “Hear Me Out”
Sulky Pup “Cardinal Numbers”
Jesper Dahlback “Machine Dance”
Electric Deluxe “Electric Deluxe”
Daft Punk “Revolution 909”
DJ Sneak “Love”
Transphonic “You Make Me Feel So Good”
Dada Munchamonkey “The Operator”
25 December 2013
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