Tracklist/Description: We've been admirers of Jimpster from afar for many a year. He's spent a solid two decades remixing and DJing, playing in the sadly now defunct The Bays, run his very own Freerange Records for 15 of those, as well as the offshoot, yet equally as interesting Delusions of Grandeur on the side. He's probably not someone who gets to spend an awful lot of time putting his feet up with a nice brew but his hard work certainly pays off as there's a mighty fine selection of records with his name attached to them in some form or another. In one of his brief, quieter moments we manged to cajole Jimpster into putting together a nice juicy Ransom Note mix for you to slip into as if it were a warm bath, filled to the brim with scented bubbles. Whack this on and drift away on the good ship Jimpster - he's even answered a bunch of questions if you're feeling more than a little curious;