Tracklist/Description: Interview with Loz: - Why have you started to produce dnb? - I have always been passionate about Drum & Bass, since I was in my teens. I had decks growing up and I did a Music Technology degree just to give myself the skills to follow my love for the music! - Whose music inspires you mostly? - Oooph great question… I don't think there is anyone in particular now, but when I was 15/16 and came across High Contrast - High Society album, all I wanted to do was make Drum & Bass like that! - What was the first dnb track which you ever heard? - EZ Rollers - Walk This Land (Paradise Remix)...I used to record all my favourite tracks from radio & my brothers CD collection onto cassette tape and listen to them, I distinctly remember being mesmerised by that EZ Rollers track from 'Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrells'... The Paradise remix was something else!! (I was 10 years old). - Tell me a little bit about your future plans? - I have been slack on the beats due to other career commitments outside of music… I would like to get back on it, get some more gigs abroad... Continue to work with guys that support me like Maris at Liquicity and Marco & Valentin at Fokuz Recordings. I have my first set in London coming soon at Fabric so getting more things down there would be sick too! Follow Loz Contreras on Soundcloud: @lozcontreras or Like Loz Contreras on Facebook: --------------------------------------------------- Follow us on Facebook: --------------------------------------------------- Track list: Redeyes - Psychonaught (Ft. Dan Stezo) Nexus & Tight - Odyssey PennyGiles - Way I Feel Foreign Concept - Endless Fade (Ft. Naomi Olive) Random Movement - I Stayed Around Satl - Joy Loz Contreras & Macca - Wanna Be Your Lover Rowpieces - Brazil Malaky - Without You Command Strange - Rock Steady (Lenzman Remix) Sabre & Safire - Genie Method Donnie Dubson - Muted Horns Ivy Lab - 20 Questions Commix - I Have You Phil Tangent - Bedouin (Ft Steo) Macca & Loz Contreras - Untitled Villem & Mcleod - Dutch Oven Unreal - Just One Night Tokyo Prose - Small Gains LSB - Leave Dave Owen - Yo Girl Satl & Malaky - for Your Love Submorphics - Long Been Gone Anushka - Never Can Decide (Ivy lab Remix) Macca & Loz Contreras - Away From Here Calibre & Marcus Intalex - Something Heavy Macca & Loz Contreras - Honey Sugar Redeyes - Poetry In Motion Macca & Loz Contreras - Against The Wall Dramatic - Diamond In The Rough Gerwin - Soul Truth (Bungle Remix) Macca & Loz Contreras - Players Ways Satl - BLO Loz Contreras - Disco Kiss