Tracklist/Description: Spring is in the air – and it feels like the countdown to SUNANDBASS 2015 is truly underway! What better way to celebrate this than to have a brand new SUNANDBASS Podcast from some of the biggest legends in the drum and bass scene – Total Science! Releasing records together since 1996 (and individually since 1991!), the guys have since graced the scene with 3 LP’s and hundreds of singles and EP’s, their contribution to the drum and bass landscape both essential and highly influential. Their SUNANDBASS Podcast is typical of their style when behind the 1’s and 2’s. It’s absolutely chock full of fresh and unheard tracks – and ranges from the more melodic side of the spectrum, through to the harder and more rolling style too. Total Science just like good music and you can hear it here - if you want to get to know some of the tracks that are sure to be new drum and bass essentials in the coming months, check this!