Tracklist/Description: KCDC Presents - a monthly show championing underground sonics from some of the best and most promising in the industry. Focused primarily on pushing tracks both new and unreleased from local Bristol artists, each KCDC Presents show is available to download from This month our queen of tech & resident DJ & producer @kyristdnb takes you through the first hour, joined by our special guest - DJ & producer Ben Soundscape [@bensoundscape] - for a chat with Collette & Kyrist & an extra vibey guest mix. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and to @bensoundscape for such a tasty selection, you can catch us on 10Twenty Radio the first Sunday of every month 9-11pm. ArkaikBen Soundscape FB - @bensoundscape SC - @bensoundscape - - - - - Follow @kyristdnb @charli-brix @collette-warren @deannawinn
13 March 2019
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