Tracklist/Description: They say nothing gets lost on the internet but for some reason this decade-old mix seems to have fully disappeared from all portals... so when someone recently reached out via Facebook and told me that he would like to listen to it "again during quarantine", I thought it would be the perfect excuse to finally upload that mix on my own page. Back in 2009, I recorded this selection for Mono_Cult, a cool and dedicated crew from Leeds who were running parties and a podcast series. The series had a strictly "no playlist" policy and I remember getting quite a few "Track ID?" requests via mail or myspace (LOL) when the mix was published... let's see if it's still the case now! Enjoy! Q ps: special thanks to the Mono_Cult crew and Ed for reaching out. pps: what RA thought of the mix back then: ppps: that pic was taken in Tokyo in 2009. I was proud that Retreat's second EP by Session Victim (featured in the mix) found its way over there!
19 May 2020
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