Tracklist/Description: Reach deep within your mind towards the Outer Reaches. Tracklist: Macros - Fading Language / Homeworld chatter Artemis - Elysian Fields Polaris - Empire Chameleon - Just Close Your Eyes and Listen LSB - All of my love (Technicolour & Komatic Rmx) Shogun - Ulysses Response and Pliskin - Stolen Keys (feat. Lara Lee) The Vanguard Project - More Jungle Silbrfish - Calm Sea LM1 and Scenic - Quiet Truth Theory - Every moment is precious Theory - Aurora Flash Seba and Lotek - So Long Schematic and Polaris - Sculpture RQ - Roof Jumping Response - Running Through Glen E Ston - Above The Clouds Polaris and Schematic - Please Don't Macca and Loz Contreras - One Touch Alaska - Venera Synkro - Luminous Wax Doctor - Heat Solar Empire - Dynamics Polaris - Lessons Learned ** Homeworld Chatter ** Music Curated, Arranged, and mixed by Polaris IG/FB/Twitter: @polarisdnb Vocals written and performed by Valiant Emcee IG: @valiantemcee FB @valiantemcee Mixdown and Mastering : Schematic Sound IG: @schematicdnb FB: @Schematicsoundmastering Artwork by Ryan Bittner IG: @ryanhappytree This is our soul expression..
14 May 2020
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